Install CMS and WordPress Themes (Guide)

Here I will try to offer a small installation guide for WordPress CMS and a theme of your choice. Wordpress theme installation guide is short and you may need a little help. They are available to you without problems for the installations that put problems through the contact page.

So install CMS and WordPress themes:

  1. The first and simplest option is through Softaculous, if the company hosting your domain offers this software in CPanel.
  • Go to cpanel -> softaculous apps -> blog -> wordpress -> install -> fill in the desired username and password -> install -> access the login page of the site where enter the username and password set -> login and you have access to wordpress where you can start the work. Installing the theme (shown in pictures later in the article) is done -> appearance -> themes -> choose theme -> activate or choose a new one -> new -> choose from the available themes -> install -> activate or if you have a theme bought from elsewhere and you own the zip file all at -> new -> upload -> install -> enabled. And this is the short version ? below we will see in the images longer version of installing cms and wordpress themes. Please give us next details of each step presented above. (->) – represents click

2. The second version of CMS installation and WordPress themes is a bit longer and in case you missed it, do not hesitate to ask for clarification.

  • Go to the site and download the version you want -> log in to the cpanel -> filemanager -> publichtml -> upload the wordpress archive -> go back to the file manager.
  • Choose the archive -> extract -> enter the unzipped folder -> select all -> move in the publichtml folder (if we do not do so we will not be able to access the site directly from but from a subdomain like when the moving image appears, simply delete “wordpress” to remain only publichtml
  • now you need to create the necessary database ATTENTION – remember all the names in these steps will need to be used further -> cpanel -> can be created from mysql database but I chose the wizard faster -> fill in the name on who do you want ( note the full name somewhere – at me it’s bogdanme_wordpress) -> set username and password ( note these) -> then check all privilage -> next step
  • the website is accessed (to you will be the internet address like – what you see at me is the address of the separate location because I have already installed on the main site the cms) -> choose an installation language -> let’s go -> fill in the first 3 rows with those names that we put in mind and click submit -> fill in a username, password and email to access the account later ( keep remember these!) and press install wordpress -> log in -> and enter the data from the previous step -> log in
  • the hard part is now over and let’s see continue with installing themes -> after we connect we will have the wordpress control panel -> apperance -> themes -> here we can activate some existing ones but we can choose many more from the large library that it puts wordpress available -> Add New -> search and choose a theme -> install -> activated. If we have a theme found on other sites and we have the archive file we can install it like this -> add new -> upload theme -> choose file -> install now -> activate -> click on the name on the top left to you will be able to see the newly created site.

In order to access the login page we can bookmark it in order to access it faster, as it is something like -> or

And that’s it! From here the limit is your imagination!

Here you can find the official wordpress installation guide in more detail -> WORDPRESS

(+ on youtube you will find countless videos where you will explain the same as here step by step)


Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay


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