3 premium wordpress plugins

Plugins are the adjacent programs that can be installed separately in the construction of some sites to add extended functionalities. The ones from CSSIgniter, besides the high quality wordpress themes, also created some such plugins. We have presented 3 premium wordpress plugins below:

  • WordPress woocommerce plugin to optimize the visualization of products for sale. A wordpress woocommerce plugin specially created for wordpress themes for online stores is QuickView.
  • WordPress theme plugin for musicians AudioIgniter Pro -a wordpress theme plugin that creates playlists for your songs. Give site visitors options to listen to songs, download them, view lyrics or buy them from a specific shop.
  • WordPress theme plugin for musicians EventIgniter – a wordpress theme plugin that creates an event calendar for you. Give site visitors options to check the following events of interest and to buy tickets from a specific shop.

These are some wordpress theme plugins from CSSIgniter’s portfolio, the rest you can find by accessing the banner below.

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WordPress themes and plugins can be used with this online hosting service.

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