Rome, between glory and present

Rome, the capital of the Roman empire and the cradle of the Latin language.

Rome is the place where Romulus and Remus decided to start the construction of what will be one of the largest empires known to mankind.

Rome is not what you would expect from history lessons, a capital that would have continued the innovations of antiquity. It is a mix between the old, the new and the carefree. I say with sadness that Vienna’s immaculate impression of the capitals of the West collapses with each passing step over the ruins of a glorious city of the past.

What I didn’t like.

  • Beggars, thieves and street vendors all the way. Yes, if you were advised to keep pockets when you arrive in Bucharest, now believe me Rome is in the top, even over. No excuse for the carabinieri to effectively protect the citizens and tourists. I understand that the Sicilian Mafia is the No. 1 priority, but when a scourge is so obvious and visible on the streets of an european capital, drastic measures are recommended. I was warned by an Italian young man about some thieves, a sign that everyone is aware of what is happening there. There are people trying to sell you everything on the street in a very aggressive way.
  • It is heartbreaking to see rubbish next to lemons and oranges or romantic monuments.
  • Although full of “stones and boulders” from ancient times I would have expected many more restorations and museums much better developed.
  • Many scooters, too many.
  • Crowded.

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What I liked .

  • A new world metamorphosed with the old. Historic buildings alongside modern buildings, history all the way even in corporate cafes covered in high tech devices.
  • History and story at every step. There are monuments everywhere. If you walk all day on foot and you are a fan of tasting all the tourist air in a city, you will discover that there are most buildings per square meter in the world.
  • The Vatican’s opulence. A visit to the Vatican museum demonstrates the greatness and importance of the papacy on the whole world, being the light from the contrast of the shady city of disorganization.
  • Romance! Dozens of squares with fountains, with artists ready to put their soul on a canvas with your smile, singers and restaurants with perfume of pasta, pizza and seafood. Even the buildings reflect light in a candid and warm way. And the dozens of ice cream parlors give you the perfect pretext to add something sweet besides the beautiful that accompanies you on the narrow, paved streets.
  • The city is small and crowded. If you are a tourist you can do it on foot.

It’s worth visiting? Clear!

 It’s a time capsule that should not be missed in a lifetime, with all the risks.

Below are some offers of accommodation and transport for spring 2020, the period in which I also traveled. Heat and odor of lemons and freshly roasted oranges.

Flight offer: NYC – Rome / tour – return / 1 passenger

Accommodation offer: Rome / 2 persons / 4 nights


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