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Tourism is an area where, besides the specific fairs and tour operators, there have appeared online tools for booking air tickets, hotel rooms, train or bus routes, rental cars and entrances to most of the important objectives to visit. If before you went to the travel agency and from here you get everything you need, this time you can plan your tail-end for the entire trip.

However, I want to specify one thing, the experience and professional knowledge of the personnel of the tour operators are unmatched by any information that appears in the online space. If you are at the beginning of the journey on external travel, their advice will be good for you. Believe me it is very important to have someone to ask and find out the information without having to browse half a day on the profile companies website. (Does it include breakfast? Is it suitable for hand luggage for that plane? What currency does the country have? Do I need a passport? Visa? How do I get from the airport to the city? Will I handle it?)

Although some of the above questions seem trivial, I honestly tell you that I was terrified of these questions on my first trip outside the country! Until now I have the map of Tui Travel and use it in my travels. But I got the taste of freedom and learned what to do for each trip. Now they are no longer related to the prices and hotels imposed by them. I can make my budget and itinerary alone. So, some tools that I use with confidence:

Flight reservations

  • Search for all available low cost and low cost flights
  • the possibility to search with links in several cities
  • in my opinion, find the lowest prices possible
  • easy and intuitive to use
  • fast interface
  • many useful filters (price, scales, time)
  • the option to check directly on the monthly chart the prices per day
  • you can search at the same time hotel rooms but also cars to reserve them
  • mobile application

Attention: Prices and availability of tickets displayed in search may vary from hour to hour! Also check the baggage policy of each flight operator because some have included luggage and some have not!

Hotel reservations

  • the oldest, the most performing, the largest and the best online booking site
  • you can book at the hotel, hostel, guesthouses, apartments, private houses
  • you can put filters on anything you need
  • direct verification on the location map
  • many comments from former clients you all rely on
  • exceptional support
  • it increases the possibility of accessing very good discounts as you use it more often
  • mobile application plus discounts given exclusively for phone bookings

Attention: Prices and availability of the rooms displayed in the search may vary from hour to hour! Also check the policy for check in, check out, permits, parking and local taxes!

Train and Bus reservations

  • among the few search engines for trains running through Europe
  • was before the euro
  • results that include all trains types of trains available in Europe (high speed trains, regio, inter-regio, inter-city and any other type of local train still exist depending on the countries visited)
  • very useful when you do not want to complicate with the time wasted in accessing a flight (arrival and waiting times at the airport) especially since most stations are close to the city center
  • shows you in real time a comparison of prices between buses and trains

Attention: The prices and availability of tickets can vary from hour to hour! Also check here the baggage policy but also any restrictions. Be careful also when moving from one country to another, it is possible that you will be given customs and security controls in the stations.

These are the three tools that I use with confidence. Although Omio and Skyscanner have search engines and for something other than what I wrote, I personally only use them for the type of reservation specified on the basis of more experience in the field, they did from the beginning and they are the best . In the following guides, we will take them one by one and see that there are other search engines on each niche and I will offer some tips on how and how to choose the type of reservation required.

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