Bavarian realms

Frank Fischback is a talented landscape photographer and if you have a 500px platform account you can find and appreciate him for his work by clicking on his name and any of the pictures below.

Because it is winter, i have chosen several landscapes specific to the German area of ​​Bavaria. The area abounds in castles and picturesque places and surely will not be the only such article in the category ” Creativity “ !


St. Coloman at a sunny winter day, Allgäu, Germany by Frank Fischbach on

Winter in Black Forest, Germany by Frank Fischbach on

Neuschwanstein Castle at dawn, Germany by Frank Fischbach on

Hohenschwangau Castle in wintery landscape, Germany by Frank Fischbach on

St. Coloman at wintertime, Allgäu, Germany by Frank Fischbach on

Maria Gern Church in Bavaria with Watzmann, Berchtesgaden, Germa by Frank Fischbach on

Geroldsee at wintertime, Bavarian Alps, Germany by Frank Fischbach on

Munich and Frankfurt are among the largest cities but also with the largest airports in the area. Those who want to visit these realms can use the online tools to find the right flight and accommodation.

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